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Our Privacy Policy | Cookies

Welcome to our privacy policy page.

By visit Hugh Grover Associates online with your browser of choice accepting cookies we are in a position to assume that you consent to our use of cookies. You can visit this website with cookies disabled but may experience a loss in functionality.

What are browser cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website will create through an internet browser on your computer. They can be used in a variety of ways, helping you to navigate online, establish personal preferences and perform particular tasks.

Nowadays, the majority of websites use cookies to enhance a site’s usability and make it more intuitive. Disabling cookies could inhibit you from using a website, or from using a website in a particular way.

When you view a cookie-compatible website on a browser that enables cookies, the website will be able to transmit a cookie to the hard drive of your computer. The website may use the information taken from the cookie to provide certain functionality. Upon revisiting the website, you be requested to re-access a previously-used cookie.


How we use Browser Cookies

On this website, we use cookies for different reasons:

  • Anonymously tracking page visits through Google Analytics for statistical purposes in order to improve our website and help the user experience.
  • Speeding up your experience online.
  • Improving security on the website to prevent fraudulent activity and protect your personal information.


How to control cookies

If you want to limit the cookies that you use we recommend adjusting the settings in the help menu of the browser of your choice. For more information, you can find the appropriate help by searching ‘cookie’ in your browser’s help menu.

Should you choose to limit your cookies you may not experience a website as it’s intended.