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Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with These Top Tips

Have you made a New Year’s resolution this January? Then you may be tempted to cheat or give up already. In fact, according to The Guardian and a ComRes poll for Bupa, 63% of people have broken a past resolution and two thirds of these ended within a month of being made!
Don’t become a statistic. Here at Hugh Grover Associates we want to help you succeed in everything you do, that’s why we’ve come up with these handy tips to help you keep that important resolution until at least spring. 

New Year’s Resolution: To Spend More Time with Family and Friends

If you’re a busy working professional then you will know it is all too easy to get caught up with work and before you know it you’re leaving for work at the crack of dawn and not getting home until after the kids’ bedtime. 
We know your job brings in the money (which will help you buy one of our stunning Islington properties) and makes you happy, but make sure to maintain a work life balance in 2016. Why not assign one day or evening a week to doing a family activity all together? Whether that’s a picnic in the park, catching a show or just a meal out, we have plenty of suggestions for things to do. 

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New Year’s Resolution: To Lose Weight, Eat Healthier and Get Fit 

This is a popular New Year’s resolution that is much harder to keep. A lot of people want to eat healthier and improve their fitness in order to lose weight and gain self-confidence, but not everyone has the willpower to stay away from foodie treats. 
Luckily for you, Islington has a number of health clubs and leisure facilities, plus plenty of fun classes you can take part in. And with some great vegan restaurants and organic food stores, there are no excuses to indulge on chips every other night.

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New Year’s Resolution: To Travel More 

Whether you’re looking to see the world or just more of Britain, this is an easy resolution to keep. You simply need to book the break ASAP and then you can’t get out of it. Well, not without losing a lot of money that is. 
With King’s Cross St Pancras located at the southernmost tip of our borough, your next escape is just a short walk (or taxi ride) away!

New Year’s Resolution: To Learn Something New

Is your New Year’s resolution to take some time out to concentrate on number one? Well, why not embrace a passion of yours and learn something new? 
It could be a skill, like learning to sew or a new language, or a hobby, like cycling or baking. Whatever your interest, we’re sure there will be a club, group or class for you to perfect it here in Islington. You could even attend evening classes!