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Stamp duty land tax and Mortgage calculators

Stamp Duty land tax Calculator.

Stamp Duty on residential property purchases is calculated at increasing rates for each portion of the price being paid, in a similar fashion to income tax.

In order to simplify the more complicated calculation, we have provided you with a 'Stamp Duty Calculator'.

This is a guide only and your solicitor will provide you with the definitive calculation.

Enter the proposed price below to establish the stamp duty payable on your purchase.

Mortgage Calculator

The calculator below will give you an estimate of what your monthly payments would be for a particular loan amount, interest rate and mortgage type.

How much do you want to borrow?


Interest rate:


How long do you want to borrow the money for?


Mortgage type:

Interest calculated:

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This is not a quotation under the Consumer Credit Act
This is a guide only and is not to be relied upon
Figures are subject to validation of income, credit checks and a property valuation. Please refer to your mortgage provider.